Unreleased Farmville Raffle Booth And More! (All Details Here - Share Now)

From what we can tell from all the items we found, there will be a new building, new Raffle Tickets that can be acquired daily to turn in for prizes such as Turbos, Instagrows, Watering Cans, Love Potions and more. Heck, there are even 3 new Quests that will be coming out as well. The ticket colors are Blue, Red and Yellow.

The Raffle Booth seems to have just 1 stage, so hopefully no building!

During the course of this release, you will end up working with Farmer Bob and doing some quests as well. He is..well, a creepy fellar to say the least. It looks like there will be about 3 Quests with the new feature.

As far as the Raffle Tickets, you will be able to ask neighbors for more or purchase more if need be. There are also “Chances” to win items. This looks like an overly complicated feature Please note that a lot of the text and images in the “Look Inside” image are just place holders. These will of course all be correct once the feature is released.



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