Zynga Ends FarmVille Fan Site Program ((Details Here))

Today Zynga terminated the FarmVille Fan Site program.

As you know, FarmVille Freak was part of that program as an approved fan site. Since some of you have already contacted us regarding the status, we’d like to clarify a few things.

First of all, this termination was the choice of Zynga, we did nothing “wrong” to violate the fan site program. There is no longer Zynga “approved” fan sites. What does this mean for FarmVille Freak? This means that we will no longer be restricted to what we can post about on FarmVille Freak- we will once again be bringing you the latest unreleased content! We will continue to provide FarmVille players with a trusted source of FarmVille information that you can always rely on just like you have for the past two years. One downside is that you will no longer be allowed to directly link FarmVille Freak in the official FarmVille forums.

Even though the fan site program has ended, we hope to maintain a great working relationship with Zynga to better serve the FarmVille Freak community. We’d sincerely like to thank all FarmVille Freaks for your readership and continued support.



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