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A rather interesting unreleased FarmVille item have been spotted this week, With the name of Irish Cob. What makes this item so interesting is the fact, Irish Cob have been previously released into the game, only in a different color.
Real Information
The Irish Cob was established over many generations in Ireland by the Travellers (gypsies), and world wide has been called by many names like the Gypsy Cob, or Gypsy Vanner, although this is not what the Gypsies called their horses. Travellers in Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland, who bred their horses very selectively for a hundred years or more, did not keep written records, but have passed lineages on to proceeding generations verbally. Now the Irish Cob Society maintains the stud book.The Irish Cob was created by the Travellers to fulfill their needs in a useable horse and these horses have long been prized by their intelligent, willing temperament, their athletic ability and their capabilities of endurance are the stuff of legend


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