FarmVille: Lucky Cookies Tree & Giant Lucky Cookies((Details Here))

As St. Patrick’s Day draws nearer, we see more and more cool items added to the FarmVille Market. During last week’s update, many new Limited Edition St. Patrick’s Day themed items made their way into the Market, and brought with them the Rainbow Trees.

Well, they are no longer lonely as a new Limited Edition Lucky Cookies Trees has debuted in the FarmVille Market tonight.

There is a Lucky Cookies Tree that is a Level 1 tree, which will make Mystery Seedlings that will grow up into Giant Lucky Cookies Trees that are Level 2. As always, both these trees have Tree Mastery available. You can find details listed below including the levels of mastery and the rewards you get with each mastery level.

FarmVille Limited Edition St. Patrick’s Day Themed Trees (Released March 16, 2011):

  • FarmVille Lucky Cookies Tree – 5 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Giant Lucky Cookies – 10 Farm Cash


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