FarmVille Dorking Chicken Inside Coop ((Learn It From Here))

Have you looked inside your FarmVille Chicken Coop lately? There has been a new addition to it! The new Dorking Chicken has now been added to the list of chickens that can now be put in to the Chicken Coop.So what do you think, FarmVille Updatess? Do you think this chicken looks like it belongs to the FarmVille English Countryside? FarmVille Updates thinks so! Reason being, in the FarmVille English Countryside Q&A, the Dorking Chicken was mentioned:
Will there be new crops/animals/decorations that are only available on the English farm?
Lots! Almost everything on your new English farm will be something you’ve never seen before। Your second farm in the English Countryside will offer the chance to grow new crops like English Peas, King Edward Potatoes, Blue Bells, English Roses, and many others। In fact, all the crops you can grow in the English Countryside are brand new। New animals include the Shorthorn Cow, Shire Horse, and Dorking Chicken, but we think some of the most exciting new animals will be the sheep you can breed for yourself in your Sheep Pen.

So if you spot this newest chicken, you will have already had your glimpse of the FarmVille English Countryside!


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