FarmVille Mini Orchard Glitch ((Details Here))-->SHARE

Several FarmVille Freaks such as FarmVille Freak Nelson, have reported seeing “Mini Orchards” on their farms. This is one of those FarmVille size glitches similar to the Giant Cupid’s Castle except well it’s a miniature Orchard of course. Although the Mini Orchard is much smaller than its normal size, it is still completely functional. Usually glitches like this are harmless and are eventually fixed by Zynga.

Hi, I was tending my farm when I came across this lil bugger. It’s my Confetti Orchard but MINI, with one regular sized tree it seems. Wonder if this would mean anything or not. After refreshing, and even leaving my farm for the night my orchard is still mini. Kind of funny! I compared it to my other Orchards, normal sized, and it is still smaller than them by a lot.


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