FarmVille Pot of Gold Rolling Out ((Stage & Details Here))

UPDATE: The Pot of Gold feature should now be available to all farmers as of tonight (12 AM Central). It seems as though collecting all that Gold from your Leprechaun Cottage is about to pay off! We know that FarmVille Freaks have been working hard hopping farm to farm and collecting Gold pieces from their neighbors, and their wait is finally over!

When you click Accept on that pop-up, you will be taken to the FarmVille Market where you will be able to see the Pot of Gold.

Some farmers have been lucky enough to buy a Pot of Gold & place it on their farms!

We know by now that the FarmVille Pot of Gold will work similar to the Valentine’s Mailbox or the Halloween Candy Basket. The pieces of Gold that we collect from our neighbors and our own Leprechaun Cottage can be redeemed for prizes!


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