Official FarmVille Freak Zynga RewardVille ((Guide Here))

RewardVille is a special Zynga rewards program that will reward its player with zPoints for playing. Now, RewardVille is finally live and available to players! Note, it is slowly rolling out so not all farmers have access just yet.
Earning Points & Redeeming Prizes in RewardVille The way this reward program works is as you earn zPoints for playing your favorite Zynga Games zPoints are accumulated and traded in for zCoins. You automatically earn zPoints for playing Zynga games. However, you must register with RewardVille to transfer your zPoints into zCoins.

  • Earn up to a maximum of 80 zPoints per game per day.
  • Earn up to a maximum of 300 accumulated zPoints from all your Zynga games per day.
  • Earning zPoints increases your zLevel and earns you zCoins.

You can then take your zCoins and redeem them for special exclusive prizes in RewardVille such as the FarmVille Porch Home. To see a spoiler of all the current RewardVille prizes for FarmVille visit the link below on FarmVille Freak.
These exclusive prizes are not available in the FarmVille Market. Note, you will recognize some of the prizes as past FarmVille Limited Edition items. Here’s a great chance to get these items for free if you missed out on them the first time around.

After redeeming a prize in RewardVille, refresh your farm in FarmVille and check your inventory for your redemption


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