Scam Irish Cob Foal ((Here's Animation and Details))

So lets spot the ways this is a load of crap.

1) This foal isn’t out yet.
2) If if it was real the text would say “Nicole was tending their horses when an adorable Irish Cob Foal caught their eye! This Irish Cob Foal is eager to explore the world on its own and is looking for a new home.” Or something similar.
3) You already know this but the link takes you to some place that isn’t
4) We haven’t posted yet that this foal has came out, So there is no way as of right now anyone can “uncheatingly” produce this foal.Stay safe farmers there is no telling what these evil scam pieces of crap install if you click to allow it to do whatever it wants.

Again this is getting crazy, in the 5 minutes it took me to type this up, I saw 8 more people posting this, and a few people complaining they clicked 4 or 5 times and didnt get the foal. This is insanity folks. Is it that difficult to check and see it doesn’t say “”. Is it so impossible for folks to get rewards they click without reading? Is it the pretty picture?


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