FarmVille Stouffer's Grow ((More Details Here))

FarmVille Stouffer's Billboard

FarmVille Stouffer's Hot Air Balloon

FarmVille Stouffer's Table

FarmVille Souffer's Model Farm (Click to Enlarge)

With tonight’s updates there was also the debut of the FarmVille Stouffer’s Farm.

You can visit Stouffer’s farm by scrolling to the end (far right) of your in-game neighbor bar and simply click on the Stouffer’s Farm icon.

When you visit the Stouffer farm for the first time you are offered an option to “Help Out” in growing farm fresh ingredients. Click the green “Help Out” button and as a thank you for visiting the farm and helping you will earn two free exclusive prizes including a Mac&Cheese Tree and a Stouffer’s Instant Grow. You can then find these items in your FarmVille Gift Box.

After you get your free prizes, you have the option of notifying your farming friends by posting a Facebook News Feed Share. You can either accept or decline and either way the prizes are yours to keep.

FarmVille Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest Thank You Notice

FarmVille Soutffer's FaceBook Notice

FarmVille Mac&Cheese in Giftbox

FarmVille Stouffer's Grow in Giftbox

To learn more details about the Mac&Cheese Tree including information on its Tree Mastery, click here. Stouffer’s Instant Grow works just like regular Instant Grow in that it will instantly grow your FarmVille Crops from mere seedlings to thriving mature crops that are ready to harvest- in just one application (or click of your mouse). Instant Grow is available only through special promotions such as Megamind and now Stouffer’s and previously it was available to purchase directly with Farm Cash in the FarmVille Market.

FarmVille Stouffer's Grow


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