Overworked FarmVille Farmers Still Find Peace on the Farm

First things first, FarmVille has come a long way since its humble debut in the summer of 2009.

The peaceful, almost zen-like repetition of plowing, planting, and harvesting crops caught us all by surprise and as FarmVille Freaks we have been hooked ever since. I felt as though ”I couldn’t stop watching my crops”. Little by little new game concepts and features were introduced to spark our interest and occupy our time while waiting for our crops to grow. After all, what would a farm be without animals? Even Alien Cows, Unicorns, and the occassional winged Pegasus grew on us. Or a farm without Tractors? Wait, Combines you say? Perfection. We later welcomed other new tools such as Farmhands and Arborists which make our work a little easier.Challenges of Mastery caught our attention and made us step up our farming game. If you are like me, there’s still some self resentment for selling off all those unwanted useless trees before Tree Mastery was introduced. Now, Mastery Signs are piling up and continue to keep piling (Animal Mastery? Check!). We saw buildings with purpose rise from one lone Chicken Coop to pimped out breeding Pens. Animals served a new purpose other than harvesting for Farm Coins and FarmVille Freak Breeders were born. Even keeping up with crops seemed like a chore, but one we happily accepted. Regular crops, Limited Edition crops, Permit required license to grow Farm Cash crops, Greenhouse hybrid crops, English Countryside exclusive crops, now Super Crops.

Yet, life on the farm still grew more complex as farmers ran out of things to do on their farms and invitations of city life lingered. Then, in an unexpected request FarmVille beckoned us with the enticing lure of a new farm in the English Countryside. It was almost too much to handle. How could we leave our precious farms behind? After all we had toiled over, organized, decorated, and crammed into that tiny space of virtual real estate to just pick up and relocate to the lush English soil seemed ludicrous. Yet most of us unwillingly ventured off to the rich soil of the EC and we found that having a second farm was not that bad. In fact, it was actually kind of pleasant after getting over the initial separation anxiety of leaving your Home farm. It was kind of nice to have a clean slate of green farm land just waiting for someone to spruce it up and give it a little TLC. I made the plan to devote my English Countryside farm entirely to crops and keep it clutter free with just the bare necessities of animal housing, a crafting Pub, and breeding facilities. As I raked in the the extra Farm Coin flow (like Cash Flow but with Farm Coins) and scooped up Mastery Signs quicker than ever, I concluded that having a second farm was very good indeed.

For awhile most farmers were happy with the pace of the game. To quest or not to quest, Farm Cash or Farm Coins- it didn’t really matter as long as there were options. One too many Bushels later, a whirlwind of new features settled on our farms seemingly overnight and not everyone knew what was going on. A Craftshop (different from our Crafting buildings) Crafting Silo, a Trading Post, Mastery Statues, Animal Mastery, and yesterday a new Wildlife Habitat flooded our farms. Some FarmVille Freaks who were away on summer vacation and not farming as much almost got lost in the shuffle, but luckily they had FarmVille Freak to keep them informed. Of course, the hardcore FarmVille Freaks kept up and managed to adapt despite any half-hearted rejections.


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