FarmVille Raffle Booth Arrived Now (All Details Here) be the First to Share it

This evening, FarmVille introduced a new Raffle Booth feature.

Please note, this feature may be slowly rolling out and if it’s not available to you now, it soon will be.

The FarmVille Raffle Booth will allow you to collect tickets from your friends. Every day you can collect up to six tickets. You will also get bonus tickets, for each friend that you help. You use your tickets to earn exclusive prizes through FarmVille’s Raffle drawings.

To start collecting tickets, click your Raffle Booth and you will see an option to “Ask For Tickets” by requesting your FarmVille friends help. There’s also another “Ask Now” button on the Raffle Booth menu accessed by “Looking Inside” your Raffle Booth.

FarmVille will be holding Raffle drawings once per week. The more tickets that you collect, the more chances you have of being a winner. The first drawing is in 4 days. As you can see from the image below, there are various prizes like the more common Fertilizer, Special Delivery Boxes, Love Potions, and even exclusive animals like the Mini Flower Horse.

Even more good news for those of you helping your friends collect tickets- if you are a raffle winner, you will be able to share a bonus gift with your friend that gave you the winning ticket!

Of course there’s always an option to bypass collecting tickets by using Farm Cash. You can directly purchase tickets in the FarmVille Market.


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